Accountant’s Confirmation Letter for Home Office UK Visa Applications

First, what does the Home Office do?

The Home Office is responsible for processing visas and immigration applications for individuals who wish to reside, work, or study in the United Kingdom.

A confirmation certificate from an accountant is:

An accountant or accounting firm usually issues a confirmation certificate in the form of a letter confirming that they’ve managed the recipient’s business finances. To be considered valid, an accredited practitioner who is a member of a recognized UK supervisory accountancy body (such as ICAEW, ACCA, ICAS, ICAI, AAPA, CIPFA, IFA, CIMA, AIA, or AAT) must issue this certificate.

A letter of confirmation from your accountant may be necessary for a variety of reasons. If you are a new business in the United Kingdom seeking to open a bank account or apply for a business loan, you will need to provide a confirmation letter from your accountant. For specific visa applications, the home office will demand evidence from your accountant confirming that your company’s books have been accurately prepared and managed, and that all relevant taxes have been paid. Home Office also observe from an accountant’s letter whether the applicant’s records with HMRC or companies house are up-to-date or not?

When do I need an accountant’s confirmation and why?

There are numerous instances in which you may need a letter of confirmation from an accountant. However, you should be aware that you can obtain other documents for your UK business that may serve the same purpose.

In the United Kingdom, a certificate of confirmation from an accountant is required for confirming an account statement or raising capital. This is required to submit the necessary paperwork to your bank and verify the account information provided is accurate. Since you are not compiling all of this information on your own, having a confirmation letter from an accountant will facilitate the process.

When dealing with a specific immigration visa category or issues, your accountant’s confirmation letter may be required. Remember the document’s issuance date so that you can utilise it without delay. In other words, if you possess an expired certificate, you may require the services of an accountant once more. A certificate of confirmation from your accountant is a great way to confirm that

1. All of your finances are managed properly,
2. Taxes have been paid in full or partially paid and
3. Records with HMRC and Companies House are up-to-date.

What type of situations in which an accountant’s confirmation is necessary?

  1. Applying for a spouse visa application and your sponsor is a British Citizen or settled worker and he is a director of a limited company or working in a self-employed capacity, an accountant letter must be provided to support the spouse visa application
  2. When applying for Tier 1 visas (any category)

Please note that an accountant letter may also be necessary where an applicant is applying for EU Settled or pre-settled status from inside the UK and the home office requests him to provide his business evidence (Only if he is a director of the business or working as self-employed)

What types of situations do not require an accountant’s confirmation letter?

The following are examples of situations in which an accountant’s confirmation letter is unnecessary:

  1. Applying for a spouse visa where a sponsor is in employment
  2. Applying for a skilled worker visa previously known as Tier 2 visa
  3. Tier 4 visa also known as a student visa
  4. Tier 5 Visa

Where can you obtain a confirmation from your accountant if you need one?

We can assist UK residents in need of a certificate of confirmation. We have licensed practitioners holding licenses from ACCA and AIA. Our Company will examine the books of your UK-based business, rectify any discrepancies, and then issue and print an accountant’s certificate of confirmation to demonstrate that everything is in order.

Not to worry; it will not be difficult or time-consuming. If you submit our online form or give us a call, a member of our team will evaluate your requirements and provide a proposal. Before we can send you a proposal, we may require additional information regarding your company’s bank accounts. Once you have reviewed and accepted our proposal, we will immediately begin working on your request.

How much does a confirmation letter from an accountant cost?

A certificate of confirmation issued by an accountant varies greatly in price. Prices start from seventy-five to two hundred pounds an approximation. If you have any questions regarding the cost of an accountant’s confirmation certificate, or if you require additional guidance or assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us at 02071559545 or info@taxsteins.co.uk.