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Latest Amendments to UK Company Law

A major change has occurred in UK company law with the royal assent of the Economic Crime and Corporate Transparency Act on October 26, 2023. By enacting this legislation, Companies House is given the authority to actively fight against economic

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Taxation of Non-Resident Companies: An overview

Introduction Navigating tax regulations often proves complicated, particularly in distinguishing between resident and non-resident corporations. In this article, we will look at the key distinctions in the taxation of non-resident corporations vs their resident counterparts. Businesses can handle their tax

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Closing a Company with Bounce Back Loan (BBL)

Introduction Closing a business is a complicated process that necessitates great attention to detail. Especially when dealing with financial commitments such as bounce-back loans (BBLs). In the United Kingdom, insolvency practitioners are critical in helping businesses through the winding-up process.

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