Tax Advisors for Start-Up Businesses and Entrepreneurs

Here are the reasons why your start-up needs a specialized accountant and tax advisor:


People will want to work for you if you offer the best products and services on the market as a UK-based start-up. However, the success of your start-up will depend on how well you manage its funds and what financial decisions you make. Consequently, finding the correct Tax Advisors/Accountants for start-up businesses and entrepreneurs can be a shrewd move that promotes growth and decreases the likelihood of failure.


Taking into consideration new companies


Taxsteins Ltd provides a comprehensive variety of services for new enterprises, including company formation, bookkeeping, assistance in suggesting the correct documents for capital-raising, statutory accounting, and tax compliance.


We can assist your new enterprise in the following ways:


Formation of legal entities and secretarial services for organizations requiring a secretary.

We can assist you in registering your firm with Companies House. Additionally, there are the following options:

  • Help with ownership structure
  • help you come up with a fantastic name for your firm, even if permission is required.
  • Maintain full-time secretarial services for the organisation.
  • Providing a legal address to register the service.
  • Eligibility checking for your qualifications for Seed Enterprise Investment Schemes or R & D Credits.



At this moment, it is unlikely that your start-up’s budget would support a full-time bookkeeper. We will handle all of your accounting needs so that you do not need to hire a full-time bookkeeper. We can help you maintain accurate, up-to-date, and organised financial records at a price that matches your budget.


Tax Advisor for Start-up Employers (Payroll)


We provide a fully managed service to calculate your Pay As You Earn (PAYE) and Class 1 National Insurance in accordance with Real Time Information regulations (RTI)


Advisory Services for Tax Compliance


Our team of tax consultants is available to assist with any tax-related matters, including but not limited to Corporation Tax, Income Tax, Capital Gains, Exercise & Duties, Value-Added Tax, and Pension Plan Taxes.



Employers in the United Kingdom are required to offer workplace pensions to their employees if they wish to comply with workplace pension regulations. Our payroll department will assist you in meeting all Pension regulator’s requirements by designing and executing occupational pension systems, analysing your workers, and calculating your contributions.


Invest in the appropriate accounting software for your new company.


We will assist you in locating the best business software based on your requirements. Depending on the requirements of your organisation, we will recommend top-tier accounting software having the following options such as:

  • Automating bank reconciliation to improve efficiency
  • Accounting for inventory Robots capable of reading receipts
  • Easy to understand the functionality


Taxsteins Ltd to the Rescue


Customers can rely on our team to respond promptly when they require assistance. It depends on the specifics of your issue, but you can rest assured that we will assist you. By dialling 02071559545 or emailing info@taxsteins.co.uk, you can speak with someone for free.