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VAT Service and planning in London

With Taxsteins Ltd, you’ll receive a friendly, convenient, and professional service. No more searching through the Yellow Pages or calling up different companies to get your compliance of Companies House & HMRC done. We’ll do this for you and help you reach your business goals.

  • Assistance with registration for businesses whose anticipated yearly revenue is expected to be above the VAT threshold
  • Investigating, explaining, and, if necessary, managing clients’ voluntary VAT registration for input tax claim.
  • Advice on imports, exports, acquisitions, and shipments from the EU and their VAT implications 
  • Advice on VAT investigations, defending surcharges, defaults, assessments, and penalties imposed by HMRC 
  • Monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, or annual VAT returns 
  • Advice on which VAT scheme is best for your business and why – expert interpretation of the regulations

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